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Our Story

 After graduating college in the Spring of 2011, I was offered the chance to join my friend working full-time on his lobster boat.  I jumped at the opportunity and I quickly fell in love with being on the water.  Majoring in Outdoor Recreation, I always knew I wanted to be involved in the outdoors and lobstering gave me a chance to do just that.

When I didn't think life could get better, it did.  In the Fall, Maggie Lou came into my life.  I had wanted a dog for years, but with all the moving in college between universities as well as dorms and apartments, I wasn't able to bring a puppy into my life.  Now settled in my home in Downeast Maine, at 6 months old, my new little buddy came in the form of a yellow lab. 

 We had a great winter and she brought so much joy to my life.  Although she was able to take a few rides on the lobster boat that Fall, I couldn't wait to let her come to work.  As Spring 2012 came rolling in I was very excited to start my second season lobstering and to finally give my puppy a chance to really test out her sea legs.  And I was not surprised when she loved it as much as I did... 

After her first trip, she was changed.  Any morning I put on my boots, I could expect to see her impatiently waiting by the door, hoping it was a day she would get to join me on the boat.

When you live, work, and breathe fishing like many do here on the island, you see a lot of rope.  Over the  seasons I learned a lot, including some new knots to tie.  Before long I was making toys for my new pup with any extra rope I found lying around. I had no idea that my rope toys would become her favorite toys. 

Before long, the more rope toys I made for Maggie Lou, the more and more requests I began to get from friends who wanted rope toys for their dogs.  And so 5 years ago, Downeast Nautical was born.

Our rope toys have brought so much joy into our home and continue to each and every day.  We hope that you and your 4-legged friends find as much enjoyment in your toys as we do here on Great Wass Island.

-Carolyn and Maggie Lou 

Handmade on Great Wass Island in Beals, Maine

Handmade with Real Maine Lobster Fishing Rope in Downeast Maine

Floating Rope Fetch Toy

Maggie Lou is seen here with our Floating Rope Fetch Toy!
This tough toy will provide hours of fun water play!